Story about a girl, who has a secret


2018. november 24. -

Part 3

The man said to his girlfriend: „We need to talk.” And the girl was listening. The boyfriend told her, that if she can not get out well with his mother, than he doesnt see a common future with her. But he never asked the girlfriend, how does she feel. He didnt tell to his mother, that maybe, she is wrong about his girlfriend. He never defended his girlfriend.

The girl told the man, that she doesnt trust him anymore, and broke up with him. From now on,


Part 2

It was so hard to tell him, about my condition. I was seizure free for more than 10 years now with medication. After he told me, that my Epilepsy is not a problem for him, I was crying. Than we kissed each other.

 Why did I choose him? Because he was my first love, since I have been living with Epilepsy. I was happy, that I found someone who understands my condition. So I didnt care if he is older than me,etc.

I wasnt born with Epilepsy. It matters, because I can compare, what does it like living as a healthy person for 14 years, and than living as a „sick” person. Before my Epilepsy, I was a different person. I always had a boyfriend. I was very active.   

A diagnosis of Epilepsy is life changing.

 People tell, that